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Open for 2017

Rummeles Jewelry Boutique

A gift as unique as the event it celebrates...

Design your own one of a kind gift to celebrate love created, love shared, love without bounds.
  • Bring a design from your imagination, into your hand.
  • Customize a design from select designer pieces.
  • We can acquire any gemstone you are looking for.
  • Designs can use any type of metal.
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New item available in all our stores

Created to celebrate "everyday occasions", this collection of sterling silver lockets (and sterling silver with an 18k yellow gold overlay) are set with natural stones, have magnetic closures and feature an extensive range of charming treasures to display.

Each locket holds from four to six charms which move freely inside their enclosure. The lockets are available in round, oval, flower, shield, and tear drop shape. All lockets include one 20’’ sterling silver chain.

Let Four Keeps charms symbolize the best moments of your life. With more than 150 charms in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, or 14K rose gold, you will definitely find something to please. Fill the locket with charms that symbolize what you hold most dear and give as a wonderful, personalized gift that is perfect for any event... be a birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, or just because.


Beautiful, expressive jewelry designed to be worn every day...

from Ippolita, Simon G., Mikimoto, Marco Bicego, David Yurman, Barbara Westwood, Alex Woo, Zeghani, Roberto Coin, Charles Krypell, A. Jaffe and many more.